Company Address

Designing Style, Inc.
200 east 84st, New York, NY 10028
Tel: 800-361-4029

1. Why you should choose to buy our fashion bags?

You should know that hundreds of handle bags have made appearances in Hollywood films, fashion bags are the fashion symbol in the world. The brand as well as new era also has the ability, unlike many other brands, to blend comfort and practicality with beautiful form .You can receive perfect bags every time, which is probably why Pavel is seen as the most popular designer handle bags brand around at the moment.Our website offer many kinds of bags.

2. How can I trust your products from the pictures in the website?

The pictures show in our website are taken by ourselves, so we guarantee the beanies are same with the real products. You can observe our products by each angle from details in picture. We promise that what you see on our website is what your get.

3. How I pay for my orders?

We offer mainly way for you to complete your payment: Credit Card, so you can choose it to have a payment. When you have finished it, There is a clew box to remind you that this process is successful.

4. If I'm not satisfied with the products purchased, how to deal with it?

Unconditional Return Policy is our feature. so, if you are satisfied with the knitted, you can apply for refund via your payment way.

5. How long the ordered products will take to my address?

We ship all the goods by EMS service which is very safe and quick and only takes 10-15 days to all over the world. We promise that we will send the product to you as quickly as possible.

6. Is it safe if I register my information on your website?

PMCOL.com is authoritive and is responsible for your personal information and privacy right, so your registed individual information are security, and we make guarantee that all customers in our website have absolute guarantee of security and privacy.

Service Email: service@pmcol.com